MDSA Advocacy Strategies

Legislative Lobbying, Monitoring & Tracking
MSDA has contracted with a lobbyist since 2007, which has proven to be a worthwhile investment in our successful advocacy efforts. 

MDSA’s lobbyist works with society leadership prior to the legislative session to discuss legislation & strategies. During the legislative session, MDSA’s lobbyist represents our profession and industry in the State Capitol & monitors and tracks legislation of interest.

Grassroots & Member Engagement:
MDSA actively works to keep members informed and engaged in advocacy efforts throughout the year. This includes weekly tracking reports during the legislative session as well as updates on priority legislation.

As bills of interest work their way through the General Assembly, members are notified of their status, encouraged to participate in strategic decisions, and encouraged to reach out to their legislators and ask for their support.

Annual Skin Screening Day at the Capitol:
The society’s largest advocacy activity has been the Annual Skin Screening Day at the Capitol. Members travel to the State Capitol during the legislative session to offer complimentary skin screenings to legislators, staff, and members of the general public.

MDSA sets up several private screening stations in a high-traffic area of the Capitol for screenings and consultations. Every year, we see several patients receive recommendations for biopsies and a referral to a local physician.

Free sunscreen, or some other item, is distributed to people who pass by the station, along with accompanying information on the importance of dermatological care. While at the Capitol, members also use this day as an opportunity to speak with key legislators on healthcare policy to discuss Society priorities.